if god is my co-pilot - then why the hell am i flying coach?  

Jet Jaguar

Around 1994 in Mesa, Arizona, there was a band called Jet Jaguar.

  • Keith Cordell - Guitar/Bass
  • Theodore Munk - Guitar/Bass
  • Theresa Hodge - Drums
  • Nathan Marlowe - Samples

...all i listen to anymore is 1960's surf, cocktail jazz and ambient hip-hop. i own thousands of dollars worth of guitar effects that i just don't use anymore. usually just plug the strat right into the fender super reverb, and crank the springs to 6, volume to 8-

that is the most pure and perfect guitar sound in the world... icy clean tone with sustain hanging in the air like barroom cigarrette smoke... brilliant depth, scintillating rooms of reverb draped in christmas-tree icycles, an aural spotlight catching dust motes and making them shake...

those warm, glowing tubes lined like soldiers in the back of the amp, clearing their throats to bring out the deep, watery notes...

spirally slinkies dance in the reverb room, smashing snowballs into peppermint walls...

the living sound thrills in the spines of a hundred copper snakes wrapped in rubber until they pour into the lungs of the bone-paper loudspeakers, to be rudely expelled by magnetic bouncers..

cast into the room, they walk around like giants, like thunderclouds and angels, like gods with lightning pulsing in their arms...

Jet Jaguar - Demo #1