Monday 1995
boredom is the enemy.
boredom and lonliness can make me do things that i otherwise 
would not do. I get drunk when i'm bored, and i take drugs only 
when i'm really bored. if my dating life consisted of nothing 
more than having someone to watch movies and talk with- then 
I'd probably be content and less self-destructive. what we all 
want and what few of us can have: a good friend who you are 
100% comfortable with.
there's more to life than this-
you know that there's more to life...
Today feels like a John Woo movie to me, and I'd rather be 
having an LA Story sort of day...
so you crank it, crank it up.
and maybe if it's loud enough, it'll take you to that other 
that mystic and magical place deep (but not so deep) inside 
the place that makes you cry (but only in that place).
the place that's becoming more and more of who i am.
it transforms and trancends and tears me up when I'm not 
want to take a peek?
sorry, no tourists allowed.