*cold wet moon*
It's raining here tonight, 11:30pm in sunny Arizona-
a steady drizzle that brings me to the edge of dream-state
both doors and all the windows open
the moist, crisp breeze runs across the keyboard.
(probably asking for rust, but what's life without rust?)
...sorry, went out to watch the clouds conceal the moon for a bit...
the moon rose tonight
like a world all it's own-
all alone amongst the backlit clouds
pale like an old man on a park bench
in the winter
..like me, he sits and contemplates
reason and chaos
in a self-induced solitary confinement..

there's a park bench outside
it's wet, of course
and I sat on it watching the moon
the moon
a spoon
blue balloon
big baboon
I don't know what to say. so I say anything rather than nothing.
nothing gets you nothing
I toss the dice for anything, perhaps the gamble will pay off in 
interesting discourse. it's worth a shot..
my levis are wet (i mentioned this before)
and they make squeaky noises on the dining room chair
the dog hates the rain
but I take it like a drug
if I had an ounce of initiative, I'd move to portland
and be stoned the rest of my life on the weather.
but maybe it's magic to me now because it happens so rarely here in phx.
i wouldn't give that up for the world.
can't buy magic baby
not even in the novelty shops at the mall.
ice in a blender
lid off and "purl"
shimmering splinters of ice
a snowfall inside
going outside again. seeya.