26. The Marilyn Monroe:
"I guess I'm not very bright" she said, but the way she walked
and the way she breathed...
27. The Big Alone:
do you understand where i'm going with this?
you have left me behind yet again
and my chances are back to none
my chances are back to none.
but nobody cares except me, so i cry alone on my own pillow
and shred my dreams of what could have been.
they're gone and tatters and scraps of photographs and letters
scattered to the wind
and there's no longer a fire to burn the bits to ash.
so i stop now and then
and bring the scraps back together like a jigsaw puzzle of
piecing them together for a rush of rememberance
like a junkie scraping the dregs for the ghost of a high
the ghost that is what we used to be.
for richer, for poorer
til pride do us part.. 27
28. TwentyNine