mmmm.. I like that one too.. (;
I think I will make one up on the spot, just to see what happens.. (sorta 
like the Boojum one a couple days ago..)
and so tonight you're sorry that your victorian attitude
brought you nothing but indifference-
well fuck you, asshole
if you cared a little more, maybe someone'd care for you.
well, I don't know how..
besides.. nobody would trust it anyways-
fuck you
no.. fuck you..
it's not hot
no, it's not hot at all
but it's not raining
and that's the difference.
tonight I'll sit here
and feel sorry for myself
and be drunk
hoping that someone will feel sorry for me
and be nice to me
though I'm being such an asshole..
but what difference would that make
when your friends are just characters on a CRT
they're not here
I can't touch them
I can't look in their eyes
and lose my hate in their caring..
and when the net goes to sleep tonight
I'll fall asleep tonight
(hows it feel to have me lay all this shit on your doorstep?)
sack of stones
a hone
tell me stuff about you, like your favourite colour and ice cream and how 
long is your hair and what do you wear and are you here or there and do 
you like bears and do you eat pears and does your house have stairs and 
how many chairs do you have and maybe, if you think it's fair, I can ask 
if you play guitar and what colour is your car and what's your favourite 
bar and what's your favourite star (mine's Cygnus X11) and are you close 
or far and do you like Narwhales and have you met the Prince of Wales and 
have you seen the King of Spain and have you made love on a train and 
have you planted any grain or grapes or cantelope or lemon trees or 
raised honey bees in dungarees and built them castles in the trees while 
singing songs in Siamese about that sharp Wisconsin cheese that tastes so 
good on sliced white bread that you can eat while in your bed watching 
Bogart on TV?
(yeah, I'm really drunk now..)