I guess it's always possible that the time we spend with each other
is deducted from our time in Paradise, sure feels like it should be..
Got me beeg ceegar - puffin 'er like no tomorrow. the ash is
three inches long and teetering on the end, shaking with each
key i press..
There's places I won't go in my mind. places I lack the courage to stir
up and examine, where even devils fear to tread. we block them off
because we've got morals and convictions- a sense of what's right and
what's wrong. we draw lines of behaviour that we will not cross, lines
in cement or sand, depending on the strength of our convictions.
I'm one of those that draws lines. I use them to makes some sense of
things that don't always make sense. things that I don't want to think
about too much. I won't do this- I must do that.. you know, I don't
think I'm the only one..
Music is an island I visit.
Music is a drug I take.
sound junkie
strung out on song.
tonight I'm floating on dead can dance.
one of the fastest ways to lose myself and become a mystery.
it can change the scenery around my mind
I can have a black sun in a white world
and the bells and the voices in the distance
can become as real as the back of my hands...
let me count the ways...  
thumalin frethat frethun 
we spend this
night like copper coins 
this dust sifts downwards into the dark
we're left with aught but loneliness...
I want to be in a band so bad
I want to be the mage that creates emotion from sound again
I want that sound to be colours and the colours to be words
and the words to be magic and the magic to make people move and think
and dream
I wish you could feel what I'm feeling now
I wish your ears could hear what my mind is playing now
I wish I could share what I have locked inside me...
it's simple you know
to observe your toe
especially if it isn't aware of your attentions.
toes are so stupid
in singles and grouped
when I sleep, I sometimes dream...
near the books lies a thin, ceramic camel in repose
he has a handle, and his saddle lifts to reveal a teapot
(you pour from his mouth)
and five green pyramids for cups
(were probably 6, but I bought it at a carport sale, and there were only
5 then)
leave your windows open tonight. let old mother send the wind to kiss
your lips and caress your face. send away the dead air that weighs heavy
on your dreams...