(a poem about sex and love written on the spot by request)

> sex and love
<Courtnie> Yes.
> New Revised Version
> ... she stands there across the roomful of noise and flesh
> her lips red with the promise she isn't equipped to keep
> but in her eye
> you see the desperation that mirrors your hidden fears
> so you go to her
> sliding through the motions like finely debugged programs
> and playing tapes read from the same script
> and soon you are in a room
> this room
> is potential
> it can be a room full of meathooks or insubstatial air
> or memories
> or pain forever
> or death
> or love
> so you roll the dice tonight
> like you roll the dice each night
> you've been lucky before
> and you'll say the next day that you got lucky tonight
> but neither of you know
> until the end
> whether you got lucky or not
> sometimes
> you're deep in the pink with a girl whose last name you don't even know
> and the meathooks gleam from the ceiling
> you can see them in the instant before you cum
> before the potentials are released
> before the dice have been rolled
> and you freeze
> that jet of jizz stopped in mid-stroke
> sometimes that scream isn't just physical, girl
> he sometimes sees the meathooks
> ...
<Wowbagger> Ya know, you can have some sensitive moments, and real trashy ones too.
> which is this?