> Tea and company,
> Tea and oranges by the river,
> Tea.

4 pts black pekoe/orange pekoe
1 pt spice/orange rind
served with blood orange
(small, very sweet orange- bleeds red when you cut them. I have a treeful 
in the backyard.)

> Refreshing, social.
> Here's the call
> to put the kettle on.
> Mind if I drop in?

be my guest
the house is a mess
a million and one projects
half-finished in stacks
books and papers stuffed in the cracks
I'd clean it this weekend
but have too much to do
(I plan revolutions
and work two jobs too)
the dishes are dirty
the floor needs a mop
the dog needs a bath
(she's covered in glop)
unopened mail, unread magazines
have covered the couches
(quite embarrasing)
but you're more than quite welcome
to drop by anytime
just pull up a lawnchair
and ignore the slime...