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A man of the cloth and the steel he wields


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  1. Lucky sod. It’s like the typecaster equivalent of a Bigfoot sighting, isn’t it?

    We’d love to have Bill in the typosphere, of course. He’d be in good company.

  2. Electric typewriters sure are…homely. Okay, fat and ugly.

  3. We’re hoping to get Bill, Marshall and Dan (the three guys who made it to the Phoenix Type-in this month, who weren’t Typospherians) into our circle of local typecasters. All fervent local collectors with very nice collections. They’d be excellent additions to the cause.

  4. That Groma is a very pretty machine! Never seen one before. Styling looks like 1950s and, from this side of the pond, very American.

  5. …though I’m guessing it is E. European? Love the reminder of the of the ribbon size scrawled, perhaps unnecessarily, on the inside of the lid.

  6. Looks like a Russian alphabet, but I could be wrong.

  7. That’s an interesting and pretty caramel color.

  8. @Ryan: Standardised Soviet Cyrillic. A great achievement of the Soviet era is that a European from Leningrad could speak and write the same language as an Asian from Petropavlovsk – with consequently increased literacy rates among post-revolutionary peasants.

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