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A man of the cloth and the steel he wields


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  1. Ah, the old carriage lock trick …. devious!

  2. Well, you know. had to hedge my bets (:

  3. Yikes, Rev! That word is, in this day and age, precisely (as opposed to roughly) on par with the n-word. Not that any word is off limits, only that context counts, and I don’t think you were trying to be crude in this case.

  4. Heh, what an interesting response considering the subject matter of the film. It concerns not only the poem itself and Ginsberg’s life experiences which inspired it, but also the obscenity trial where it was debated whether the language and imagery had ‘artistic merit’ and was truly ‘literature’ or just pornography. For the record, the court decided that sometimes it’s the socially offensive word which conveys the truest image.

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