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  1. I guess I just have a little different perspective on electric machines than those who get on these blogs. I made a living typing for 8 years in college. NO ONE would possibly want to type 50-100 pages per day of medical work on a manual! I learned on an Underwood, I’ve owned dozens of manuals, but I also own a dozen or so electrics and love them also. Those of us who were in the business also realize that office machines have their own personalities also, and also their own ‘feel’ according to who’s used them. I’ve actually always found the old S-C electric portables to be nice little machines, I still own several of them. Like it or not, if speed and consistency of type quality are issues, the electric portable has the prize. However, if I’m doing something on my own, the buzzing on those little machines can drive me nuts, too!

    1. Oh, I’m sure if I had to do actual work on a typewriter, I’d head straight for the Selectric. Fortunately, I am just a hobbyist (:

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