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1964 NOMDA Blue Book: Adler Typewriter Font Styles

One of the things I scanned from Bill Wahl’s 1964 National Office Machine Dealer’s Association Blue Book was the large section detailing the typestyles available to customers ordering a typewriter from a dealer. It’s surprising how many different typestyles were offered by each manufacturer, and a great many of these styles are ones I’ve never seen in the wild. We’ll start with the typestyles offered by Adler:

Updated: November 3, 2013 — 11:24 am


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    1. I think Bill down at MTE has a wide-carriage Adler with the Imperial font on it.

  1. Munk, thank you so much for posting these typestyles! This information can be so hard to find and you’ve done us a great service-

  2. Hi, many thanks for this fascinating post for a type designer. I’ve been researching typewriter typefaces for a while, found many styles but hardly no info on the design or designers of those typefaces‚Ķ
    Would it be possible to send me Bill Wahl’s email address? Thank you.

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