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  1. Fantastic! I just got a Roma Script Visomatic. I like these synchronicities in the typosphere. Must typecast with my machine soon.

  2. Sorry, I should have written: VisOmatic!

    1. yep, they kinda pound that in, don’t they?

      Heh, I figured if I left the RC Allen fonts in the blogroll long enough, it’d prompt a post out of ya! (:

  3. I just got an R C Allen VisOmatic yesterday, and was pleased with the old-style numerals… found out that it has Pica Multigraph! It’s cool that my typewriter doesn’t have the generic pica, I love the numerals. :)

  4. I have been into typewriters literally for 50 years and have never seen an RC Allen machine in the flesh. Maybe they just didn’t sell them here in Texas!

  5. Hello,
    I’m trying to work about digitalisation of the font “Ambassador Type” (10-1 Pitch) on the machine R.C Allen Type styles.
    Do you know who had designed this font, when etc?
    If you know answers or if you know someone who could help me, thanks to tell me!

    1. No idea who designed it. It seems modeled on 1930’s typestyles like Royal Vogue, but there are distinct differences in most of the letterforms. The NOMDA lists are simply compiled reprints of manufacturers sales samples and contain no originating information about the data they contain.

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