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  1. I tried to comment on Manual Entry, which is a Blogger page, and it shut down when I tried to post. And I was being so eloquent and witty, too! I had thought you were being blocked, as a non-Blogger account, but I’m inside that system and couldn’t make it work.

    Let’s just tell ourselves that our blogs are getting so much traffic, in view of current topics, that it’s slowing down the whole internet. (:

  2. Blogger has different ways of requiring a login for comments: certain browser/OS combinations don’t like their “inline” style, and appear that the comments are going into a void. What’s actually happening is some monkey business with iframes and replacing content and JavaScript… it’s messy, and the reason why I keep comments on their own page (the “old style”, which never seems to fail.)

    Next time, try right-clicking on the comment box *after* you submit it, and opening the frame in a new window or tab. Sometimes that trick will show the captcha box that Blogger helpfully hides.

    1. actually, I’ve had no problem until last night, and it is now happening on all blogger-hosted typosphere pages both from my home and work machines. I don’t have a blogger login, so I use my Google identity. I get the comment box and captcha fine, but posting the comment results in a blogger error page, which itself has no useful information about what actually went wrong. Grrr. today is full of interweb annoyances. :P

  3. Ok, looks like I’m not the only one. Now I can’t even view the comments for posts on ):

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