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A man of the cloth and the steel he wields


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  1. Sounds like life is good.

    Voxxen — I like that!

  2. You are very lucky to get such good buys. That’s indulgence well justified. Here in my area, I checked all the thrift shops, none has any typewriters. I don’t drive. I finally received my long anticipated very first m.typewriter:L32 cursive font. Strangely, without asking the eBay seller any question, I assumed everything works to find that the bell does not work, the ribbon’s not really moving (later managed to open the front to realize it was missing something to hold the spool down). At one point, the carriage lock lever locked itself somehow. Every keystroke ended at the same spot. I felt checkmated. Then, your warning rang loudly in my mind…I saw an angry face…(more scary than alien caterpillars. By the way, how do they look like? There’s no such thing as alien caterpillars. Caterpillars belong to the earth! Then what do I know. Only God knows). Oh no….”I forbid you to cry like a little girl!”…Yet, what the hack. I sat there and cried for exactly 30 seconds maybe. Then, I went back to the typewriter to “play around” with it. This always works for me. Let out my frustration. Then, my brain resets itself to logic mode. Suddenly, it became alive again. That was enough for day one. Day 2, that’s yesterday, I got the hardware store clerk to help me out. He found some washer and nut to hold the spool down. Now, the next step…a new ribbon… It’s too heavy for me to carry around town like this walking from one shop to another. I needed to head home. I didn’t know that typosphere is not for faint-hearted souls or anyone without a car or some real muscles.

    By the way, among your treasures, I just took a closer look and can’t get over that Royal Quiet Dluxe one. I know it sounds crazy but what a handsome looking typewriter! What slim font it’s got! Looks like pine trees. It actually looks “Royal”! How about that! Thanks for the samples. So cool…tombstone keys!!! Is that what they are called? Cause I noticed that too. And I saw tombstones in my mind too. And about those keyhoppers. That’s almost too nice a name for them. Now in this case, we can fitfully call them tomb-raiders. I was in shock when I first learned that people are doing this. Then, I said to myself, “Poor typewriter! You are an invention of humanity, and your destiny lies in their hands not yours.” It’s indeed brutal.

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