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I have finally gotten the seller of the Tandy 200 and Model 100 I aquired some weeks ago to actually ship them. Poor fellow suffers from some sort of public spaces anxiety and was leaving me notes about his heroic attempts to forge the single block between his home and the nearest post office. His missives read like chapters of the Illiad, as he painstakingly detailed his adventures selecting the box and packing and the three-week long process of working up the nerve to actually take the box to the post office.

My encouraging affirmations that he could indeed survive the mission finally paid off – the box should be here tomorrow, when I’m certain I’ll have to sign for it in triplicate and submit a DNA sample to the fifty armed guards and armored truck driver who should be delivering an iron strongbox padded with live kittens and protected by inconceivably advanced force fields, containing my goods. Some people just take living a little too seriously, you know?

No real typewriter news this weekend – I’ve not made my rounds at all in close to 7 days, so no new typewriters in the corral. Work has filled up my spare time, except for the few snatches I can steal to play with Dana Unit C17. She sure is a mighty fine writin’ device.

Updated: May 22, 2011 — 3:28 pm


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  1. I brought home an HP Journada a couple of years ago. It was lurking at the back of a cupboard – the original owner having given up on it from Day-1. I did actually manage to hook it up to the web by dial-up (a slow and extremely letterboxed process), write a few notes on the train and do some pretty awful sketching with the stylus. The tiny keyboard was what let it down as as a proper writing machine though.

  2. I actually like the little keyboards on those Journadas. I still have my old Sharp PC 3000, which has a wonderful little keyboard, but is pretty much too slow and lacks a reliable method for getting files out of it onto my main PC, so I just don’t use it anymore.

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