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A man of the cloth and the steel he wields


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  1. The words, ‘lucky’ and ‘man’ go so well with ‘spick and span’. Nice going ted.

  2. Looks practically new. Good typer!

    For a while I seemed to be finding one of these at St. Vinnie’s every month. Then the supply dried up. Maybe the Cincinnati retirees moved to Phoenix.

    1. I’m really liking this Quiet-Riter much better than any of the other Remingtons I own. The action is kind of Hermes 3000-ish, the way it sounds when you’re tying. It’s like the clackity noise that Robbie The Robot makes when he’s processing information. It’s very comforting.

  3. Well sir, that is a mighty fine typewriter you’ve found yourself. I love the shiny metal spools under the hood. Reminds me of the old reel-to-reel magnetic tape drives. All you have to do is type until the ribbon runs out and makes that “thwap, thwap, thwap” noise.

    I wish I had more thrift stores in my area. I’d love to do some drive-by shopping and find unexpected things like that. Have fun with the new Remington!

    1. I’ve seen 3 or 4 reel-to-reel machines in my thriftin’ runs past few months. I have to exert a lot of willpower not to pick one up. Just what I don’t need is another tape recorder to find obsolete belts for and hope the pinch rollers aren’t hard as rocks.

  4. I had to comment that I think the first three pictures, with the blue hue, were taken with an “indoor” white balance. Since that last one looks pretty balanced and not blue, I’m thinking you may have had an incadenscent bulb nearby. But when using that setting under sunlight, everything looks too blue. Or maybe the camera didn’t adjust itself well enough. Just sayin’.

    1. It’s a pretty cheap point-n-shoot. Indoor one was under a CFL, outdoor one in shade. I have to keep the flash off and hold real still just to get ’em that good :D

  5. Spoooools! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen ’em on a Remington. My own Moses (a twin to yours — same year and all) is spool-less, and I just have the ribbon wound around metal cores.

    It’s a great typer, though the space mechanism on Moses is a little hinky. Doesn’t always take unless you hit it juuuust right.

    1. Yes, I’m liking him more and more as he sits out on the outdoor typing station waiting for my random thoughts. I’m thinking of naming him Bogart.

  6. Oh, lovely! See, over here in Hermes-land, I have never even set eyes on one of these beauties and so I am getting a tad jealous. Those spools are gorgeous, and the typewriter looks immaculate. Great find!

  7. I have acquired a Remington Quiet Rite Ten that is very similar but with a few exciting added details. I paid 10$ for mine and i am looking for a real market price but can’t find this machine anywhere… Must be a hidden gem !

  8. hi.. do you know what ribbon can be used in this remington? I have the same one… looking for a ribbon right now

    1. It uses the normal typewriter ribbon you can get at Staples and just about anywhere on the Internet. You’ll have to re-thread the new ribbon into your existing spools though. It’s a very inky job on these Remington spools. good luck!

  9. I just bought a quiet-riter 11 and cannot find the users manuel so not sure how to change my ribbon. Any help?

  10. Just picked up my first Quiet Riter – the 1955-57 post Sperry model. I think in the dusty pink Desert Sage color. It’s perfect but a bit dirty (erasure crumbs) inside. It’s got the nice tweedy case like yours. Since the Rem Super Riter is one of my favorite 50’s standards, I’m sure I’ll love this too! Thanks for the article.

  11. Just purchased the quiet riter in great.shape. cleaning it up and was looking for a way to remove the platen to clean under it. Can it be removed on this model? I downloaded the manual but no instructions on removing the platen.

    1. Remington 1953 service manual for portables AN (no tabulator), QR (Quiet-Riter), and ER (Office-Riter) :

  12. I purchased a Remington Quiet-Riter (1853-1958) the brochure says, It was stuck back in an old flea market in Okla. Works great but need the :letter–t —Anyone know where I would find one? Appreciate it. 83 yr old Retired pastor in Arkansas and love the old typwewriters since I learned to type in my teens and became a telegrapher operator and later pastor. Any help be appreciated.
    Would like to get it cleaned up and working–Looks good other than that item.

    1. Try this list of typewriter repair shops. You’ll need an expert to solder the slug back on anyway:

  13. A misprint on my note:It is a 1953 -1959—

  14. I have the same Quiet-Riter. It was used by my dad, siblings, and I in college. Since I was the last to use it, it’s been in my possession these 40 some years. But alas, it was not stored well and smells very musty. Any ideas on how to take care of that?

    1. Sunlight and change the ribbon. air it out a bit. It’ll always smell a bit musty, so be prepared for some lingering olfactory patina. (:

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