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Report: The Second Phoenix Typewriter Round-Up

Bill Wahl's Corona 4

Ryan Adney's Royal Model O

Ryan's Blickensderfer No. 7

I think this Remington belongs to Bill

Ryan's Silver Surfer-ized Olivetti Lettera 22

Ryan's Big Royal HH served as the guestbook for people to sign in on.

Marshall brought his Cyrillic-keyboard Groma Kolibri

Marshall also brought a nice late-model Hermes Rocket to donate to the Classroom Typewriter Project.

Tori and my contribution to the CTP, a Sears Manual 1 (probably an 80's Brother)

Another Royal Model O brought by a fellow whose name I forgot to write down.

"Easy", my 1964 Hermes 3000

"Ellery", my 1956 Hermes 2000

"Starbuck", Tori's 1964 Hermes Rocket

An early 50's Smith-Corona Clipper owned by Jeanette (hope I remembered that right).

A beautiful grey Olympia SM-3 brought by another person whose name I forgot to write down.

Tori and Jeanette(?)

Gary Nicholson, Bill Wahl and Ryan Adney admire the eye candy

Well, I got a pic of the documentary director, with his back turned :D

Three more fellows whose names escape me, plus Marshall lurking in the background

Ryan tries out Ellery

Bill's a pretty laid-back fellow, and here he's even more laid back, searching for the perfect angle on Ryan's Blick 7

Updated: June 19, 2011 — 4:48 pm


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  1. Just like being there! Well done you chaps – great pics.

  2. looks like a great time was had by all. I love seeing the range of machines. Call me inattentive but could I get more info on the documentary?

  3. It’s energizing to see these pics, many thanks for sharing them.

    That Blick 7 is the bomb!

  4. Thanks for letting us quasi-be there. This just confirms that the whole concept of PUBLIC typewriting is right on. No longer is it The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name!

  5. What a fantastic gathering, thanks for reporting & the pictures! I would be interested to know the serial number of the grey late Hermes Baby.

  6. I can’t help but look at these pictures, drool, and revise my typewriter want list. Looks like it was a terrific gathering of people and their machines.

  7. Hey Monk,
    Met you at Mesa typewriter. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to make it to the round-up. Really regretting it with all the pictures.

    Are you doing Camp NaNo? I was wondering if anyone was going to organize any write-ins. Missing the forums.

    1. Added your blog to the roll, Keep your ear to the ground for the next Round-up, should be even bigger than this last one (:

      I dunno how much I’m going to participate in Nano this year. Still a lot of irons in the fire…

  8. Recently, my daughter, a vintage lover, purchased a Hermes typewriter made in 1953. She is absolutely crazy in love with this machine. Is there additional history you can share? It’s in perfect condition; types beautifully, only needs a new ribbon.

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