Worldwide Typewriter Day 2011

Ted & Tori travel to the Brinton Desert Botanical Garden (like a mile away) to celebrate World Typewriter Day 2011 by typing on their matched 1964 Hermes 3000’s in the 108 degree heat.

Matched 1964 Hermes 3000's - Easy and Joanie

Our Typewriter day video. Hopefully watching two people type is less boring than watching one person type. :D
We decided to celebrate the event with a quick trip to take our video in a suitably vegetated environ.

6 thoughts on “Worldwide Typewriter Day 2011”

  1. My favorite part of these videos is seeing each persons individual typing style. Goes to show how typewriters are such a personalized tool. Each machine is unique and each user adds their own flair. Great video and pictures! I’m sweating just by looking at them.

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