Adler Arrives, and a shift in focus…

Michael Adler's "Antique Typewriters From Creed to QWERTY" has arrived in the mail. I've paged through it but have not yet seen the part where an emo 90's rock band plays a part in the invention of the typewriter.

5 thoughts on “Adler Arrives, and a shift in focus…”

  1. Great photography! (Also of the Swissa in the previous post.)

    This has been my lament for pretty much a whole year – picking up fewer thrift store/ flea market finds and focusing on using the ones I do have. Still, I felt an itch for something new that would encourage me to use typewriters more, and I thought it was just that I didn’t have the *perfect* typewriter yet. Now I realize it was just a matter of finding the perfect writing space! Can you tell I’m smitten with my new desk? It has cured me of typewriter purchases by encouraging me to use the ones I do have, now that I have a shiny stable flat surface to put them on.

    I look forward to seeing how all our blogs are going to tackle topics other than “latest acquisition”. I actually have a few of those posts in the pipeline; but I’m trying to space them out so it forces me to write about other things. Flea market visits (although I’m cutting back on those given a recent dry spell, if you can believe it), typewriter photography, travels here and there, and miscellaneous illustrated essays. Should be fun!

  2. Why does this sort of thing seem to suddenly happen at the same time? Three people I’ve seen on their blogs or in letters I exchange are feeling the same way just now!

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