A Tombstone Royal Day

2012 02 24 1 A Tombstone Royal Day

Sadly, that last line of faint text is all that would come out of the QDL when it arrived…

IMAG0190 A Tombstone Royal Day
Oooh, what could it be?
IMAG0191 A Tombstone Royal Day
Familiar looking little suitcase!
IMAG0192 A Tombstone Royal Day
This tweedy case is different than the black case that came with my '48 QDL
IMAG0193 A Tombstone Royal Day
Yay! a 1949 Royal QDL
IMAG0194 A Tombstone Royal Day
Sadly, the carriage is out of alignment and scrapes badly on the rails...

2012 02 24 2 A Tombstone Royal Day

IMAG0195 A Tombstone Royal Day
1950 Royal KMG

IMAG0198 A Tombstone Royal DayIMAG0199 A Tombstone Royal DayIMAG0200 A Tombstone Royal DayIMAG0201 A Tombstone Royal Day

6 thoughts on “A Tombstone Royal Day”

  1. Hello, Kennedy! That is one amazing typeface you have there, such a contrast to the elite tombstone-keyed Royals. (Both of which are magnificent, by the way, I would love to try the QDL! Will Mesa Typewriter fix the backspace on the KMG for you, since that is where you purchased it?

    1. I expect he prolly would, but the idea with a project machine like this is I fix it myself (:
      As for the QDL, if we can get that smashed carriage working again (yes, it has the same problem as your Voss, I believe), then I think there might be someone in Switzerland who has been wanting a nice glass-key Royal who might wish to adopt one. We’ll see if the combined might of Bill and I can get that QDL back in good working order.. (:

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