A Tombstone Royal Day

Sadly, that last line of faint text is all that would come out of the QDL when it arrived…

Oooh, what could it be?
Familiar looking little suitcase!
This tweedy case is different than the black case that came with my '48 QDL
Yay! a 1949 Royal QDL
Sadly, the carriage is out of alignment and scrapes badly on the rails...

1950 Royal KMG

8 thoughts on “A Tombstone Royal Day”

  1. Hello, Kennedy! That is one amazing typeface you have there, such a contrast to the elite tombstone-keyed Royals. (Both of which are magnificent, by the way, I would love to try the QDL! Will Mesa Typewriter fix the backspace on the KMG for you, since that is where you purchased it?

    1. I expect he prolly would, but the idea with a project machine like this is I fix it myself (:
      As for the QDL, if we can get that smashed carriage working again (yes, it has the same problem as your Voss, I believe), then I think there might be someone in Switzerland who has been wanting a nice glass-key Royal who might wish to adopt one. We’ll see if the combined might of Bill and I can get that QDL back in good working order.. (:

  2. Hi! I got a Royal KMG for my birthday, however, I know next to nothing about typewriters! My Royal has a few kinks here and there and it took me forever just to find out which type it was in the first place, and I was just wondering if you could give me some tips/ pointers for cleaning it up and sprucing it up to the best of my ability? Thanks! :) (It’s obviously my first typewriter and I cherish it)

    1. Congrats! If your KMG is really filthy, you can use the hose on it, or even better, prepare a bucket of lightly soapy water and dunk it, sloshing it around a bit to get the dirt out. Avoid soaking the keys, as they are just paper inserts under the glass! Immediatly dry it out – I use a blow dryer, and then lightly oil the moving parts with machine-grade oil (like sewing machine oil or gun oil).

      If it’s not really filthy, an easier method is to use a spray clean/lube like PBlaster or LPS-1 (get ‘em at the hardware store – LPS-1 is expensive, but smells a lot better than PBlaster) DO NOT USE WD-40! (it’ll work for awhile, then gum up even worse than before – WD-40 has weird additives that are bad.

      Once it’s good and clean, most of the quirks should go away. The KMG is a true workhorse, and it takes a lot of damage to make it actually stop working. Good luck!

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