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A man of the cloth and the steel he wields

More Skyriters and Tippas plus those darn 1950’s Super-5’s

Smith-Corona Warranty card, unfilled and unsent.

Smith-Corona Warranty, Guaranteed 5 Years!

This is Abi's Skyriter, which she brought by to have looked at. I forgot to take a pic of Al's Skyriter, but it's one of those silver ones made in England, with the black case with red felt lining.

This is Abi's Adler Tippa. a bit newer than Al's Triumph Tippa, but otherwise very identical. Interestingly, the plastic body of this Adler Tippa is firmer and not nearly as "floppy" as Al's Triumph Tippa.

A nice surprise from Al’s Skyriter is this Theatre Guide from the Seattle Repertory Theatre’s 1966-1967 season. I was born in 1966, so this is especially fun for me to page through. I approve of the number of swank Tiki-themed businesses that advertised in the programme.

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  1. Have fun with your Skyriter. I started with one and now have 3 all pre-1950. Great little typewriters. I have not read much about the newer ones. One fix for the pressure rollers may be to cover with heat shrink. I have done that with a few and it works.

  2. My favorite things in this post are the “Unwind” ad and your word “janky.”

    I have never run into one of those little Tippas in the flesh.

  3. My favorite part of this post was the theatre program from 1966. I wonder if any of those restaurants and other stores are still in business?

  4. Referring to the theater programme, you may be interested to know that the University Bookstore (advert at top right corner of page 9) sold typewriters. The Royal QDL I recently purchased in Seattle has a label inside the case that resembles exactly their ad in the program! I cannot say however whether or not they are still in business. Typewriters are the glue of the universe!

  5. Hey, there’s a Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor ad in that flyer. We used to have one around when I was a kid, but it closed. Recently, however, a new one popped up, so I made sure to take the family. For a while I thought they’d gone extinct.

    1. The University Bookstore is still in business. It looks very much the same on the outside.

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