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  1. Funny; I have a similar two years into this phenomenon, and the same conclusion. The first one i got, an Olympia SM8 for $3, is still the best portable I have found, if not quite the prettiest, and all I really need for typing. And I greatly value the incomparable education, which is ongoing. Thanks, all.

  2. After rapidly acquiring over 50 machines in about a year lack of space and money (as well as other hobbies) has brought my gathering to a screeching halt at least until I see the next must-have typewriter.

    I find I keep returning to my junker Hermes 3000 and a 1950 Skyriter or my Adler J4.

    That is a fantastic typeface on the machine you used.

  3. Great post. I’ve never had more than a dozen machines, but even that got to be too much for my space and budget, so I had to whittle that down to seven machines. It was difficult knowing which to sell off, but I’m pretty much down to my favorites. They may not be the best typewriters from a purely functional point of view, but they offer a typing experience which keeps a smile on my face. With the exception of a good condition Underwood 5 (which has thus far eluded me), I’ve managed to acquire the handful of machines that caught my eye without filling up a closet full of machines that would never see the light of day.

  4. This post contains a lot of truth! I definitely relate to all you say.

    During the first 6 months of collecting, I “saved” many of the typewriters I came across — not ALL, but many. As a result, some of the ones under the bed don’t get rotated as often as the others.

    It is nice to have enough typewriters to accommodate my many moods. It’s funny that each time I bring out a typer I haven’t used in a while, I say “THIS is the best typewriter!”. Yes, it is the best for that particular moment. Then I get bored and drag out another machine. Rinse & repeat!

    I keep telling myself that as long as I can use all the typewriters in my collection (in the upper 20s now, heavens!) at one time or another, that it’s OK to have this many. And room for a few more!

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