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  1. Okay, now that’s cool. How do the rest of us go about getting our hands on a copy? Or was this part of the pledge system that Mr Lockett organised last year?
    I’m not sure if this film will get a cinema release here in Australia or not, unless it gets a limited run as part of the Melbourne Film Festival…next June!
    Either way, enjoy it, sir.

  2. At last! Wish I had the spare cash last year to pledge more – I’d really like to see the movie but I’ll console myself with the poster when it arrives.

  3. Nice! Cannot wait to get mine in the mail; hope it makes it here before Christmas :)

  4. The mystery of the year seems to be how one gets a copy of this DVD. Can anyone provide enlightenment to us poor, wretched souls?

  5. Congratulations! I wonder if the DVDs will be sold.

    1. I imagine they will, best bet would be to check the Typewriter Movie website for when it might go on sale. We got a copy because we were in the film :D

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