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  1. I love the smell of PB Blaster in the morning.

  2. First time I used PB Blaster was in an enclosed bedroom. I learned very quickly that I need to go outside with that stuff. It does work wonders though.

  3. Sometimes, when there’s nothing in particular to say, the magic just comes. Wonder if a shot of PB blaster would magic together the shattered shards of my self-destructed H3K platen knob?

  4. Is the 35l the same as a 32? I have a 35l and the keyboard seems to be cramped in the vertical sense (fore and aft that is). The 22’s feel more ergonomically comfortable. Never seen that PB stuff here. Is it like carb cleaner?

    1. They have a nearly identical frame and the L32 (minus its outer casing) fits perfectly in the sturdier L35 casing, which is what I did here.

  5. I may need to hit the escapement on a Studio 44 that is giving me fits with PB Blaster. Thanks for the report.

  6. I agree with your PB Blaster observations. It smells pretty vile and it is full of some kind of wonderful magic – like maybe they put in some unicorn tears or something. Do unicorns have stinky tears? The chemicals in PB Blaster are probably no worse than what is in the average perfume or air freshener and it is an intellectually honest stink.

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