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Meanwhile, in the Frozen North, the Tower Saga gets weirder…

Sears is and was a multinational brand, and so when I checked out the Canadian Sears-Simpson Christmas catalog for 1957 on WishBookWeb, I was not terribly surprised to find Tower-branded typewriters offered to our northern neighbors. What did surprise me is the machines they branded as Towers:

A Tower-branded Patria? and what is that second machine? Perhaps a Halda with an SCM carriage return arm? Creepin’ Crispy Jebus, this is getting complex! One thing I know though – somewhere out there is a Tower-branded Patria with my name on it…

Updated: December 18, 2012 — 10:33 am


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  1. Cool!

    Now, that Patria machine could have been made in several countries. It could be made in Spain, like the “Meteor” I recently featured on my blog; or in Switzerland, France …

    The other portable is a Consul. A lot of those were imported to Canada, often marketed by Commodore.

  2. wow a lucky enough collector could amass a pretty broad collection with just Towers!

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