Meanwhile, in the Frozen North, the Tower Saga gets weirder…

Sears is and was a multinational brand, and so when I checked out the Canadian Sears-Simpson Christmas catalog for 1957 on WishBookWeb, I was not terribly surprised to find Tower-branded typewriters offered to our northern neighbors. What did surprise me is the machines they branded as Towers:

A Tower-branded Patria? and what is that second machine? Perhaps a Halda with an SCM carriage return arm? Creepin’ Crispy Jebus, this is getting complex! One thing I know though – somewhere out there is a Tower-branded Patria with my name on it…

2 thoughts on “Meanwhile, in the Frozen North, the Tower Saga gets weirder…”

  1. Cool!

    Now, that Patria machine could have been made in several countries. It could be made in Spain, like the “Meteor” I recently featured on my blog; or in Switzerland, France …

    The other portable is a Consul. A lot of those were imported to Canada, often marketed by Commodore.

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