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A man of the cloth and the steel he wields


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  1. Wow, that Tippa is a great find, congratulations!

  2. Lucky dog!

    I have NEVER found a Tippa in the wild. Nat donated one to WordPlay (a Royal Sahara, same as the Tippa S) so I’ve had a chance to work on one. Plastic body has its limitations, but it’s a good little machine, and segment shifted too.

    1. Heh, see what I mean by finding machine in pairs, though? two compact plastic-bodied machines in two days. Two Selectric I’s in a row, etc..

      Also, I was very impressed with the segment shift. I didn’t expect that in such a small machine. Serial number on this one is just a bit ahead of what we have in the page on Adler, but it’s close enough that I’m gonna tag this as late 1974, maybe early 1975.

  3. That’s definitely a top find! Never seen a tippa in the wild either.

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