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OLYMPIA page updated and corrected at

The OLYMPIA page has been updated and corrected. OMEF 1980 expanded the serial number range of existing models (SM models gained *13* years of new serial number data and is now complete from 1950 to 1979!)

In addition to expanded and corrected date ranges for SM1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9, SF & Traveller, SG Models and most of the SGE models, we now have coverage up to 1979 for: Olympiette, Report, SGE 77,65,60,45 and SKM, models that we had nothing at all on before.

There’s some confusion between Schramm 62 and OMEF 80 on the SM2 model, similar to the confusion over Olivetti Lettera 22’s. In both cases the data from both sources is presented, with a note stating which I think is more credible.

If you’ve dated your Olympia before, please date it again using the new data. I had to correct a few typos made in the original numbers from Schumann’s data. If you weren’t able to find your date before, try it now!

UPDATE: I took a look at Source #25 and found a wealth of pre-sovietization serials for Olympia which corrects and expands Plana, Progress, Simplex, Filia and Standard Model 7 and 8, and *also* presents all new pre-war data on Standard Model 3 and 4. This has all been added. (Thanks, Georg Sommeregger!) (:

Updated: July 7, 2013 — 12:53 am


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  1. Thank you for all the fine work on the database.

  2. yes – Thank you very much! is the SM section “up to” or “from” the number?

    1. On all pages that I have edited with new info, all numbers are JAN 1 (first serial number produced for given year) unless noted as “up to” (usually the starting year) or if there is a month noted in the “month” column (rare). In cases where we have the full range of serial numbers for given years, they will be noted as XXXX-XXXX, that should be read as “JAN 1 to DEC 30”.

      This is also (usually) the case on pages I haven’t yet updated, but since I haven’t gone over those in detail, there’s no guarantee. (:

      I’ve added a note to all pages to clarify this.

  3. I have an Olympia Simplex typewriter I brought back with me from Germany. Its serial number is 0229775. I can’t find this number on your database. Do you know when this typewriter was made? It has a label on the back of the typewriter, BERLIN SW 68. Part of an address, I think.

  4. just bought a Olympia Werke AG typewriter. The only number I found was 1008312. I could not found that number on any data base.

  5. I have an Olympia I think 1933 as its 1-188239 which is model 7 but can’t find a olympia with 10s 100s 1000s on the top line can anyone help plz

    1. that’s a decimal tabulator.

  6. I have an Olympia traveller de lux made in Germany. With a serial number 31,4597 don’t find it anywhere. Please help. I want to know when it was made

    1. check your serial again, 31,4597 isn’t a real number.

  7. This number was founder under the basket in the middle of the type arms if you look straight down from the top to the bottom panel. Located just under the type bars. Its got to be recent cause the rubber is still rubbery on the platen its all in almost presitn condition

  8. I have a Olympia delux typewriter with the number 7566015,what year was it made. 0

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