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  1. Typeface looks ok. I had to look to see any defects.
    I recetnly found ribbons can be finiky. I have one that will not feed properl no matter what. It pulls down into the vibrator and eventually will not print the upper half of tall letters. Put a different ribbon in the same machine and it will work fine.

  2. Fear not! For all your ransom notes, just drop in at Type-O-Matic

  3. Ted — email me. I have a couple things to discuss with you when you get the chance!

  4. I have a few (more than six & less than ten?) – a few? Newest, i seems to remember to be a smith-carona, with super sticky keys – now sitting on the floor – on its back after having been sprayed with a wd-40 type spritzer yesterday in a storage unit, with a n. y. times newspaper behind it. data is not with me here in public library.
    is there a store in n y c area – manhattan? that is interested in these type of machines. purchased it, because (s), I was told other buyers remove keys for use ? as decoration – ? else where?
    why (y) because i will have to visit the site and do a document, er, write up of the machines i have there. may be one has a portable case to go with its original machine. oh,
    This machine i do not like ’cause it is ten characters per inch, it only takes 8.5 inch wide paper, does not do three line spacing per each carrage return, you can do red black and stensil. it has on it now, (?) a correction ribbon on stencil? setting? memory is @ this point blank. thank you for reading and letting me type.
    Overall question – is there any key board for a computer that is like a type writer keyboard. here, there is two manufacturers key boards, this one is an hp, and the other is a levavo? i just can not get my big mitts to comfortably fit on these key boards, and type comfortably – correctly. will look for responses friday or saturday. Sundays in the summer the libraries are closed. ok? again thank you,

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