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A man of the cloth and the steel he wields


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  1. This. Is. Beautiful. What a nice find, this Calligraphy Typeball! It’s clean, well readable and still has an ‘old’ touch to it. Very nice!

    Good luck with Nano. I read a lot of Typospherians who are joining the Rhino. They all seem to have start-up problems. ;-) No need to worry to much, pressure is high I guess. Just… write!

  2. The more I see that calligraphy typeface the more I want a Selectric so I can hunt for the ball.
    That is one fantastic typeface.

  3. The Calligraphy is a very striking typeface, though I like the others as well. The symbol typeball may not be as useful, but could be fun. Maybe for typewriter art :)

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