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A man of the cloth and the steel he wields


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  1. Congrats on the find! Very handsome!

  2. Awww, thanks so much for trying to help!! I do appreciate it so much! I was very lucky in having found the Calligraphy and Headlines golfballs, now I’m lusting for the Oriental which is the only one left on my want list!!

    1. Heh, I saw that on the golfballtypewriter forum. You’re gonna price me way out of the market with that offer – I’ll never find one! :P

  3. Hang on…. did you just title this after one of the worst movie sequels in history?

  4. Some pretty typefaces – especially the open GP Headline, that must be unique for a typewriter.

    1. Could be – I don’t think I’ve ever seen another open-face font for a typewriter. I suspect that open faces were always tough to accomplish on cloth-ribbon machines and that this ball is intended for carbon ribbon ones, but I rather like the effect on my 721, (well, it looks better when typed on a less textured and ink-absorbing paper than grey Classic Laid).

      I suspect that the letterforms will clog easily, so I’ll probably be cleaning the ball all the time. :D

  5. Those are some very fine typefaces. I do need to hunt for a nice Selectric.

  6. I’ve asked the same question about the 12 or 72 at the end of some of the font names and have never gotten a definitive answer. I’m not sure what it actually refers to. Notice in the previous type samples that I sent that there is a Courier M 12 and Courier M 72. The main difference I notice is the 72 is a taller typeface. I do have some elements that are 12pitch with a 72 designation, so I’m still at a loss as to what it means.

    1. It’s a theory anyway – there are 12-pitch model 72x’s, which would account for 12-pitch “72” elements. The clincher might be if IBM stopped making “72” elements after the first-model Selectric was discontinued, but from catalogs I’ve seen, IBM was making SI’s and SII’s concurrently at least through the early 70’s so it’d be tough to pin down.

  7. I do not only like the typeface of your new find, the name is also very appealing: Bookface. It suits very well! Much better than the name Facebook. ;-)

  8. I love Bookface for my SII! I picked up about a dozen type elements on eBay a while back, and I found I liked the Bookface one the best. It looks a little cheerier than most of the others, and I’m finding that it scans really well with OCR software. I’m using mine with a correcting film ribbon, with no correcting ribbon at the moment.

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