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  1. Nice owrk. Thank you for the repair information. I need to post some things like this too. It’ll be a busy week between Christmas and New Year’s day if I do all the Typospheric posting I need to get done.

    Did you post a link to this on Nick Belands repair post?

  2. Many thanks, I very much appreciate useful posts like this. I’ll definitely bookmark for future reference.

  3. What a wonderful thing to do. So many people have ask me about this problem. I have to link this post to my Facebook page. Great idea!

  4. Munk, You are my hero! I have successfully replaced the string, and my daughter will be thrilled! Thanks so much!!!

    1. Congrats on your successful repair, and happy Thanksgiving (:

  5. You are a lifesaver! Thanks so much for EXACTLY what I was needing!!

  6. I have smith and corona elec typewriter the carrage wont return it makes a grinding noise could you help me thanks

  7. Management tries to ruin everything in my apartment as harassment to make me move from this HUD senior apartment for 12 years. I was given a great SCM electric that has been vandalized–the carriage return is now not working–what can I do. I was quoted $100.00 juat to look at it which I cannot afford on SSI. Please help.

    1. well, all I can do is offer the instructions above. (:

  8. Thanks for the info. I love old manuals and am trying to fix this exact problem. Thanks steven

  9. Hey Dude, Thanks for the tutorial! I just was quoted $60-$100 to fix this problem on my pretty little typewriter. I declined and came home to find your webpage. After an hour or so, I finally got it done. Thanks!

  10. Thanks. I’m 65, and was able to repair the advance on a SCM Galaxie Deluxe that my parents bought for me in ninth grade–about 1965. I think today was the first time the base (?) panel has been removed from the machine. Now I need a ribbon. The typewriter has been in the attic for 25+ years, and when I saw one just like it on Full Metal Jacket last night I retrieved it. I was dismayed to find a “string” hanging out, but “we” got it running again. Thanks again.

    1. Welcome! Ribbons you can get anywhere on the internet or ebay. A Galaxie will take the standard kind, but keep your metal ribbon spools if you still have them. New ribbons come on crappy plastic spools. (:

  11. Hi! I purchased one of these a few months ago and it works perfectly!… Except for the fact that the draw band always ends up being caught in the mainspring when it winds back! Is there any way to fix this, and if so, how difficult will it be?

  12. where can you purchase the cable strings my is broken

    1. High-tensile fishing line is a good substitute. (:

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