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A man of the cloth and the steel he wields


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  1. So that’s where the expression “knee-caps” comes from!

  2. Great stuff.

    @Steve K: Nyuk nyuk nyuk!

  3. As you said, pretty dang awesome!

  4. An “ooh!” and “aah!” seems at place here. Terrific find!

  5. That is really great. I’m putting this quote on my cube wall at work: “a much more tedious and expensive process, but one that is fully justified by the gain in quality.”

  6. That is a seriously good find.

  7. Did the chasis of earlier models get used for older models. My recent aquisition has the rear bell but also has a hole on the front left upright where no2 had its bell i believe.
    Mine also looks like it has one set of lettering under another on the front which say ‘Remington Standard….
    Hard to date as the model number looks like it could be two different numbers… real puzzle but will carry on the research, cleaning and renovation

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