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A man of the cloth and the steel he wields


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  1. Poor old fancy typeslugs, that Cartoon would be such fun. The Corona manual is ace, thanks for making it available. SO much great stuff in there.

  2. I’ve wondered that myself. I think you have a reasonable hypothesis there.

  3. Interesting ad for California Retyping. You may be right that unpopular typefaces got whacked off.

  4. I’ve wondered the same thing for a very long time. The typefaces you mention are the ones I’ve been searching for minus cartoon.

  5. “Type The Clouds” would love that Cartoon typeface!

  6. I remember when I couldn’t wait to get a Selectric and start buying new fonts. I eventually collected 12-15 different fonts. Now I am hooked on Brother Daisy Wheels, and when I see one I don’t have, I want it. But at prices from $24 to $45, I think twice. Brother has two types, an older one with a tongue on the back with a little mound near the end, which centers the type wheel in the clear case. The newer style does not have the tongue. I found that I can cut the tongue out, and the old style will work in newer machines with no problem.

  7. Perhaps the typeface catacombs is in one of those ’50s era household bomb shelters. ‘Tis a lovely image :)

  8. I’m a beginner at this, interested in the design and history of typefaces in early typewriter days, up to the 1960s (when I took my typing class). What is NOMDA? I’m fascinated by the variety in fonts available for these typewriters — is there someplace I can find out the history and lore of how they were designed, and by whom?

    1. National Office Machine Dealer’s Association. (:

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