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More fun ephemera from MTE!

So I was at MTE today, wheelin’ & deelin’ for a hummingbird that has caught my fancy, when I noticed a pile of *very dusty* books on a back shelf that I hadn’t pawed through before. Therefore, it’s time for another edition of Ephemera from the Collection of Bill Wahl!

This one I snagged for the top of the pile – I know a lot of you guys have been fancying the Swedish Facits lately, and I know there’s not much available regarding repair info for these little Nordic wonders, so here’s a treat:

facti1620ps-1Available to Typewriter-Hunter level members of the Typewriter Database, in the Repair section of the file library.

Now, This particular pile was something of a treasure trove. I found very nice copies of the Ames general repair manuals, and even a “Rocky’s” manual. Currently there are rather terrible scans of these books floating around the Internet, but the world really needs nice copies, so they’re on the scan list.

Additionally, this pile held 2 editions of the Ames General Catalog, a source I’ve been trying to dig up for ages. The 1949 version is Source #11 in the original TWDB, and these two editions are the 1960 and 1963 editions, but the info should still be there. Very happy about that one.. :D

SCN_0002 SCN_0001Anyway, enjoy the Facit manual, you Ikeaheads.. :D

Updated: May 18, 2015 — 9:56 pm


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  1. Fantastic!
    I wonder how much of the 1620 matches the TP1 & TP2? I’ll find out becuase my next stop is the TWDB to download the manual.

  2. Great finds – thank you for adding them to the TWDB library.

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