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A man of the cloth and the steel he wields


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  1. Okay, darn, now I have Sharp thermal printing wedgie GAS.

  2. Awww, baby wedges … so kewt!

    Now I’m going to be keeping my eyes open for these things (and thermal fax paper) when I’m in the thrift store.

  3. Did the Brother EP-20’s print quality improve when you used it with the thermal fax paper?

    1. yes, it’s still dot-matrix, but doesn’t have gaps and dropped pixels like the ribbon produced. Fax paper works very well. (:

  4. hello, you say the pa 1050 has a nice feeling keyboard, could you tell me what switches it uses?

  5. Hey Munk, I’ve read this article three times since you shared it with me, and I’m getting so excited for my baby wedge! Thank you again :-)

    1. No problem, they’re delightful little machines. Great keyboards on the Panasonic ones. (:

  6. Question: How are you dealing with the paper rolling around, or is that not an issue? I picked up a few rolls today in anticipation of the coming baby wedge, and am also gluing to take a page from Joe’s book and set up a hanger apparatus on one of the ultra portables for the Jack Kerouac experience. :-)

    1. Yeah, it gets curly. I store it in scrolls and scan it immediately. my files are full of cocktail napkins, scrolls, and a thousand other wildly varied papers of opportunity. (:

  7. LOL that’s cool. I think I get a little too wrapped up in “proper writing supplies” and should just loosen up a bit. I have too many notebooks and it gets a little crazy trying to remember where I jotted which note! Have you set up a system to keep the paper near the machine instead of wandering off the writing surface, or is that not an issue with this?

    1. constructing a JVC-style paper holder would be ideal. Mostly I either put the lid behind the machine and the paper roll in the lid to keep it from wandering off, or like stick something behind the roll like a pair of pliers. I’m the sort that plays it fast & loose. :D

  8. LOL. I actually attempted a make-shift (temporary) holder out of a coat hanger and a couple binder clips today, as time was an issue, and a trip to the hardware store wasn’t an option. My experiment was unsuccessful, but no typewriters were inured in the process ;-)

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