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A man of the cloth and the steel he wields


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  1. What a great old decal. And I think the price on the Woodstock is not bad!

  2. What a grand old machine. I would have been sorely tempted if that showed up at my Goodwill.

  3. Great price on the Woodstock. Neat to get a lable that old from one of the few typewriter repairmen still in business and still recovering platens and making parts.

  4. I would have snapped that up in a New York minute!

  5. Ah! Such a peculiar looking machine. Like cameron, I would have snapped it up at a moment’s notice.

    1. Yeah, I felt a little bad about passing it up, but I just got no more room for standards. /:

  6. Great find! I’ve had Mr. DeBarth recover a platen on a 20’s Royal 10 recently. He is a super guy and knows a thing or two. I’m currently going to look at an old Woodstock that has the phoenix emblem. Is there a story on why the emblem was dropped? I seem to recall a mention to it’s similarity to the eagle used by the German Nationalist Party gaining foothold at the time; and Woodstock didn’t want the appearance of similarity in the public mind. Truth or not?

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