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  1. Wow, that will be valuable literature.

  2. I appreciate your hard work in gathering and uploading service manuals. Long after the last typewriter repairman has retired these files will ensure our machines survive. Kind regards and great appreciation,

  3. Hey Ted, have you noticed how WordPress posts, like this one, are listed way down the blogroll at I sniff a Google conspiracy … ;)

  4. Don’t you hate modern contraptions that don’t let you get into the source code and make them work the way you want? I remember way back in the 80s one could customize printer code. Now even very few Linux drivers release the source code.

    Thanks for all your work on the manuals and database. I look forward to seeing the Studio 44 manual.

  5. Looking forward to the REAL name for the Studio 44’s ‘trombone slide’ universal bar thing. My All-in-one HP printer won’t print if one of the cartridges is empty (a permanent state) but the scanner’s OK. Really, it is just a very thick scanner now. Good luck with the digitisation – appreciate the effort.

  6. Thanks so much Ted!!

  7. Any progress to report on this Ted? I have an Olivetti Studio 44 on the operating table, and a copy of that service manual might save its life :)

      1. Thanks!

  8. I have just downloaded the service manual of the Studio 44, and I have no words to thank you for having made it available. Any news about the service manual of Lettera 22?
    Great job, keep going…

  9. Gilberto Diaz-Rivera

    I hope those manuals can help me on taking out the platen on my Lettera 32.

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