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Operation: OOPRAP and the Manual Typewriter Repair Bible

Whoo-doggie! If you’re wonderin’ why I haven’t posted in awhile, it’s because I been busy. Doin’ what? Well, first I was gathering material for a little project called Operation: OOPRAP – which looks to be nearing completion of Phase 001, and then I got distracted by this:

Yeah. It’s gonna be a monster of a book, around 400 pages on 60# textweight paper, spiral bound so it lays flat on your worktable. My advice? Get a sturdy worktable.

Basically, it’s the book I’ve wished to own since starting to tinker with typewriters. An omnibus volume on how the things work, how to fix them and make them sing, what the tools look like, what they do and what they’re called, illustrated ribbon spools, ribbons and platen reference, and the measurements of all those little ball bearings, clips and springs that run away on occasion. Forget about the bit on “Illustrated Age Lists” – I’ve decided that I’m loathe to put incomplete age lists in print until they are complete, so I’ll likely be doing a reference section on Typewriter Typefaces instead, assuming I don’t run into the limit on how many pages I can put in a spiral bind through the publisher.

About 300 pages in the bag so far. stay tuned. (:

Updated: January 6, 2017 — 1:57 pm


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  1. Looking forward to it comming out! Its sure to be a hit

  2. My God! I fear to watch, yet I cannot turn away. Best of luck with it Rev. Sounds very interesting.

  3. I’ve got to get one. Can’t wait.

  4. Neat plan.
    (What did you write in the barcode??)

    1. on the off chance that I need to sell these things from a booth, I would like to utilize my 1984 T200 as a cash register/inventory keeper. However, the UPC drivers for its bar code reader (intended for the Model 100/102) won’t load on a T200, so I have to use 3of9 drivers. Thus, I wanted a 3of9 unique serial number on the book that I could scan, and since I wanted a graphic “speedline” effect, I added “” and “Operation: OOPRAP” to make it 3 lines. (:

  5. theshytypospherian

    This is fantastic! I can’t wait to get a copy!

    1. soon… going through proofing, waiting on usps.. blah, blah.. :D

  6. James Henry Locigno

    Ahh Mr. Munk. It would appear I have stumbled upon your blog, in addition to your posts on the Antique Typewriter Repair group in Facebook. I am looking forward to your Olympia repair manual once it is released. I have been coveting SM9s for two years, but afraid to buy on E-bay since I am a newbie to repairs and restoration, and too broke to buy one refurbished by a reputable dealer. I stopped dreaming and just went about my life with an Olivetti Lettera 32 and a 1952 SC Sterling, both with less than stellar performance. Then five nights ago, in a case of serendipity (or really dumb ass luck), I found one less than four miles from my job, on the Facebook local sales app. I paid $40. It’s an SM9 (1964 #2536697) with the turquoise Olympia name plate. It needs a little cleaning, and there is one paint scratch that could use a touch up. The tabs are slow and the margin sets/stops don’t appear to be working. I am slowly beginning the cleaning process, but am awaiting your spiralled holy work to dig in and get this baby humming. I will reiterate what I posted on facebook: ” Ahh Mr. Munk, this is the start of a beautiful relationship.”

    1. Nice! I love SM9’s. They still occasionally show up in thrift stores here somewhere in the $20 range – usually an excellent buy, and rarely anything wrong with them. Well-built machine, though I personally prefer the SM7. Something about the proto-SM9 looks and the retaining of the best of the SM4’s amazing action. Have one on my desk now :D

  7. Erik Gustav Molbach

    I’m living for this, and will not expire till I get a copy, regardless of the cost (and I’m poor of purse, but rich on Remingtons and Royals).
    Thank you!!

  8. Perfect! This will be a nice hefty volume to add to my shelf!

    1. Proof copy should arrive today. 460+ pages, just squeaked in under the 470 page limit :D

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