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The Typewriter Database

TWDB Mobile 0.2 is GO!

I figure about half my readers are of the age group that will immediately recognize the obscure 60’s TV show reference I just made in the title of the post. I can be fairly sure of that because Google Analytics tells me that’s the percentage of my readers who are roughly within my generation, age-wise. […]

Underwoods as far as the eye can see!

Tonight there’s an eyefull of Underwoods on the TWDB, but do not adjust your set – everything is fine. This phenomenon is the result of a massive re-organization of the Underwood category and my first attempt to really get in and clean up an entire category by normalizing and condensing Model Names. I’ve done this […]

Say Hello to TWDB Mobile!

Well, half the town was on lockdown yesterday thanks to some loony neo-nazi running around shooting at people, so I had some time to look at the jQuery Mobile documentation and ponder ideas about implementing a mobile-friendly version of the Typewriter Database. Well, you know how it goes – I zoned out and whipped this […]

The Internets Go Boom this morning…

I awoke from a dream at about 3am this morning, feeling uneasy. As one does, I wandered to the glowing screen to check mail and such, and found that the TWDB was unreachable. First thing I checked was the server itself – doing a remote reboot when I couldn’t get to the admin interface.  After […]

That touch of Silk…

While my original impression was that the two fractional characters when typed together (similar to the smiley face on GP “Sunshine Script” elements) made a logo that looked like the Union 76 oil company logo, the Professor remarked that it looks more like a logo that was commonly used during the USA Bicentennial celebrations of […]

Typewriter Rainbow

I woke up this morning to a fine, beautiful rainbow supplied by Nick B: Speaking of the Typewriter Database, I mentioned before that I had an effort going to obtain the old expired “” domain in order to point it to the new Database, thus re-validating hundred of hard-coded links that people have put on […]

Typewriter Database News

It’s been awhile since I did a news update for the Typewriter Database, tho things have been humming along very nicely. 750 Manufacturers and Marques, 2460 Typewriter Galleries and 1238 Typeface examples as of right now. Quite a few new Typewriter Hunters have joined and have uploaded some very nice collections. Checking the scores for […]

Thrilling Typewriter Database Tales of Terror: The Quest for A Complete Serial Number List for Remington Blind Writers…

I’ll admit freely that I’ve been putting off the task of rebuilding the Typewriter Databases’ Remington serial number page for well over a year. I’ve had the bulk of Source #18 from Richard Polt since then, and it’s been reasonably clear to me that the data it contains is very likely either a direct-from-the-factory master […]

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