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Thrift Store Photo Gear

My try at lumen prints

Heh, it’s tough for me to follow Joe’s blog without being inspired to do stuff, and of course, the idea of Lumen Prints, basically using normal photo print paper as film and sensitizing it with tapwater, certainly appealed to me as a quick evening lark. I happen to have all the basic materials handy: One […]

Polaroids: 10 Years Expired

I found a pack of Polaroid 600 film the other day at Deseret, and having had no luck getting a vintage 1981 pack I found some time ago to work, I was only mildly hopeful that this pack, which expired in 2005 might actually work. I dug up my One Step Flash and tried it […]

Grandad’s Little Pony (135)

1971 Royal Sprite, built by Silver Seiko in Japan. Joe in his later civilian years, selling Skampers to Yankees. Grandad’s Kodak Pony 135 and a Gossen Pilot light meter (The Pony has *no* light metering) The Pony 135 is a simple, all-mechanical “zone focus” camera (the viewfinder has no focusing/rangefinding aids), made mostly of Bakelite […]

The Process

I needed to run a test film roll through the Canonet 28 on Saturday to test for light leaks and make sure the exposure was working right, and while I was at it, might as well shoot some 3D squigglies with the Nishika N8000 so I’d have 2 rolls to develop. That meant rolling up […]

Fun with the Anscoflex II Pseudo-TLR

The Anscoflex II seems to be a pretty popular “toy” TLR, due to the huge viewfinder and spiffy design.  Lots of reviews and posts in photo blogs: These pages review the Anscoflex II and mentions an interesting technique where you shoot pictures with […]

Caffenol-C/C-41 test #1 (success!)

Finally got my Paterson Universal developing tank in the mail today, and so I embarked upon developing my very first roll of film since about 1988. Just to make things interesting and cheap, I had prepared by obtaining 70 some-odd rolls of various C-41 process color print film that were well past their expiration date. […]

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