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Thrift Store Photo Gear

Polaroids: 10 Years Expired

I found a pack of Polaroid 600 film the other day at Deseret, and having had no luck getting a vintage 1981 pack I found some time ago to work, I was only mildly hopeful that this pack, which expired in 2005 might actually work. I dug up my One Step Flash and tried it […]

Grandad’s Little Pony (135)

1971 Royal Sprite, built by Silver Seiko in Japan. Joe in his later civilian years, selling Skampers to Yankees. Grandad’s Kodak Pony 135 and a Gossen Pilot light meter (The Pony has *no* light metering) The Pony 135 is a simple, all-mechanical “zone focus” camera (the viewfinder has no focusing/rangefinding aids), made mostly of Bakelite […]

The Process

I needed to run a test film roll through the Canonet 28 on Saturday to test for light leaks and make sure the exposure was working right, and while I was at it, might as well shoot some 3D squigglies with the Nishika N8000 so I’d have 2 rolls to develop. That meant rolling up […]

Fun with the Anscoflex II Pseudo-TLR

The Anscoflex II seems to be a pretty popular “toy” TLR, due to the huge viewfinder and spiffy design.  Lots of reviews and posts in photo blogs: These pages review the Anscoflex II and mentions an interesting technique where you shoot pictures with […]

Caffenol-C/C-41 test #1 (success!)

Finally got my Paterson Universal developing tank in the mail today, and so I embarked upon developing my very first roll of film since about 1988. Just to make things interesting and cheap, I had prepared by obtaining 70 some-odd rolls of various C-41 process color print film that were well past their expiration date. […]

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