Hello, I am the Right Reverend Theodore Munk - High Desert Preacher, Typecaster and Archivist of The Typewriter Database and Type-In.org. I have also made some books, collectively known as the Typewriter Repair Bible Series. Should that pique your interest, just scroll on down and keep your eyes to the left.

Things I've done in the past include: Secret Society Wars, House Poker Games, Freeciv and I have been BoozerBear and Mister Swank in years long past.

Back in ancient days, I was a rock star, playing in bands including: No Laughing Matter, Jet Jaguar, and Skin Deep.

Oh, and I have a corral full of typewriters that I'm trying to keep down to around 50. This illness began in the 1990's, but I didn't know jack about 'em until around 2010, when I started blogging with a group of weirdos that had just settled on calling themselves The Typosphere. The Typosphere begat Type-Ins (exploded now to the point that I have no hope of keeping track of them) and a bunch of other stuff that altogether has melded into a really interesting community (cult) to be a part of.

Projects: Oh, various bits of information in the "Projects" directory, some of which are Operation O.O.P.R.A.P., Apex Hacking (old) & Duplicators

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