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Ted Worthless

Around 1986 in Mesa, Arizona there was a fellah that went by a lot of names, but for this incarnation went by the handle "Ted Worthless". He had a guitar and a 4-track tape recorder, plus access to various keyboards and an unquenchable thirst for recording strange music and prostelyzing. This is one of the inevitable results, and I dare you to listen. :D

I think it's probable that the time we spend together is deducted from the time I get to spend in heaven. At least it feels like it oughta be...

Teenagers have a lot of energy fo sho'. First release was on cassette tape, with a xeroxed booklet to accompany the tape. Lord knows how many I hand-copied in real time from one deck to another, but I know people are still finding them in various places around the world. No dual-deck double-speed synchro for me. No wonder I didn't have many friends.

I think I did a release of this album on CD sometime in the early oughts, at least I worked up the CD J-Card and label art at some point.

Ted Worthless - Tape #1 - So, You're Skeptical? [1986]

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