Spirit Duplicators, Stencil Mimeographs, Ditto Machines - these were the personal copying technology of the 20th Century, at least until wet and dry photocopiers became cheap. Maybe you recall the distinct smell of mimeo ink from the still-damp purple-stained test sheets that you got from your teachers in grade school? If so, or better still, if you are a fan of this old technology and have a machine that you want to get running again, then perhaps you will find this collection of documents of value. I don't normally deal in Ditto/Mimeo documentation, but I do occasionally acquire some in the pursuit of the Operation O.O.P.R.A.P. Project, and these I'll scan and offer here for the edification of whoever finds it useful. Currently, I have documentation available for Speed-O-Print, Copy-Rite and Rex-O-Graph duplicators.

Much Love and Groovy Vibes, RRTM

1962 Speed-O-Print Liberator 50, 75, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, L Duplicator Parts Catalog