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  1. You really got your money’s worth of mystery with this one!

    You’re right, that just can’t be a 1952 machine. I would guess 1964 or so. I had one like this for a while, good typer.

  2. i have a grey one just like it from 1966, a date i got by whining at the yahoo group until Jay came across.

  3. That’s odd about the cards in there. Remember my HH had playing cards in it, yours is more interesting. Here’s the thread on typewriters group on mine:

    1. Excellent, that at least pegs mine more around 1965 or so, depending on how many were made each year. That sounds far more reasonable. It’s weird how they made Galaxies concurrently to these things. :D

      I wonder if it would be possible to get ahold of Jay Respler’s serial number list. TW-DB.com and my other printed sources are clearly missing the whole swath of SCM portables from about 1962 on…

  4. I just stumbled upon my first ever typewriter at Goodwill and almost passed out from excitement because I have bee wanting to buy one and just hadn’t pulled the trigger via Ebay due to 1.) prices/shipping and 2.) I wanted to touch and feel if it felt ‘right’.
    Anyways my point is, yours looks exactly like mine! Same color markings, everything. I lifted it out of it’s case and found the original ‘Owner’s Guarantee Card’. Has the listed POP date as August 1966, and the serial number is 5AX-435132, per what is hand-written on the card and also on the machine so I would suspect our machines were ‘born’ around the same time. I share your excitement on our $9.99 awesome treasure find!

    1. well, you have a good one, then – great choice for a first typer. Thanks for the serial number5/date details, that may come in handy next time I make a stab at the serial list data. (:

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