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  1. This is on my Christmas list.
    The Olivetti Lettera 35, I mean. Not the booze.

    1. It’s actually a 1964 Lettera 32 inside of a Lettera 35’s casing. An actual Lettera 35 has white keys, and a much less satisfying action, but the casing is far more solid and stylish (IMHO) than the original L32 casing. “GoLightly” is my hot little Italian machine. She has a temper, but is a thrill to get your hands on.

      1. Ted, do you have a previous post on how you did the mix and match?
        I’m curious.

          1. Thanks, I enjoyed your old post. It’s gutsy of you to create this Olivetti Frankenstein (I mean that in a good way!).

            You sure got me fooled for a moment there, I tested a 35 at the Berkeley Typewriter shop, I even posted pics of it. I thought yours was a variant!

          2. Correction: I tested a 32. Now I’m confused, I need a drink!

  2. Dang, you make fewer typos when drunk than I do when sober.

  3. Liquor-fuelled typecast – I thought I was pushing it with a beer-while-fixing reference but you just took the biscuit. This is what got Kerouak and, more seriously, Burroughs into so much notoriety. Maybe to compliment Richard’s mp3 playlist Sounds of the Typosphere, there could be a Type-Bar Cocktail menu with, instead of degrees proof, degrees of accuracy/wit/offence etc you could expect from a typecast as a result of drinking them. I have only ever typecast on beer, wine, Lavazza and Earl Grey tea. All consumed in moderation, of course.

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