Two Coronas, one with matching fingernail polish

Al tries out "El Diablo", the 1929 Corona 4, in the light of the sun's corona from the eclipse

Through the improvised pinhole camera

Two Coronas today, and one on the way!

One of these pics will likely end up on Tori's fingernail polish blog. of course typewriters and nail polish go together.

Shadows and Tall Trees... The sun's corona was reflected everywhere

Weapon of choice tonight: Royal Swinger. we even had the radio in the lid on for awhile. All we could get was some station broadcasting some numbers over and over in Spanish.

Updated: May 21, 2012 — 1:48 pm


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  1. Wow, the nails and the Corona are a beautiful match. And typing outdoors during a solar eclipse is just so cool.

  2. That Corona is really nice. So are the Skyriters. In my quest for one from the 40s with stripes I ended up with 3 all from the mid 50s even the one with stripes. Prices were right. These are even reasonable on Epay.

    1. Both of my SkyRiters are from eBay, back a year or so ago. Both were cheap – $12+shipping for Boswell and 23 cents plus shipping for Indy. possibly the only two ebay typewriter purchases that I have no regrets over.

  3. Great shadows. Great Corona!

  4. Nail polish blog? No wonder we haven’t heard from her in awhile. For once, i envy your clear skies – we had solid clouds for the eclipse.

    1. Nail Forte is Tori’s nail blog. Enjoy the girlyness. (:

  5. I keep coming back to see that beautiful maroon typewriter. It looks so cool with the gold decals.

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