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  1. Wartime models? Interesting. While it is fairly well known that the focus of these factories were shifted towards making weapons, perhaps certain models were vetted for particular wartime requests?

  2. I guess we’re more likely to stumble across a rare Remington than we are to win the lottery. Thanks for crunching the numbers. :)

  3. Just to add… That’s some great work you’ve been doing there, Ted. Great work.

  4. Great observations. I’m impressed with all the work you’ve done to digitize that pile of Remington info. Heroic!

    Other rarities include the Monarch 101 and a machine that isn’t even listed in the Remington records: the variant of the Remington Noiseless Junior Underwood. (See my article “The Quieter Noiseless Portables” in ETCetera no. 66.)

    1. Awesome! I didn’t know that ETC #51-72 were now available online in PDF. I have some reading to catch up on!

      Hmmn, are the online issues indexed in such a way that you can link to the PDF and have it open at a specific page? If so, you could add links to specific articles about a manufacturer on the serial number pages.

  5. Wow! That is some fantastic work! Thanks for all you are doing. Now I’ve got to get some Remingtons.

  6. How many people started obsessively searching ebay and etsy because of this post? ;-)

  7. Just have been discovering the updated RemList – …wow…
    That is veryvery impressive data there, thank you very much!

    Already saw I probably need to update my dating on the Victor T.

    A thought: On the portables they did 6 digit serials for British assembled machines. When switching to the V-numbering, did they do VV instead of V as prefix to distinguish British machines?

    1. I show Prefix “VV” as being on Model “S” and “T” portables (not sure what they look like, but the source is the OMEF – a London publication) and also on British-built Model 5 Streamlines. Thus it would make sense that even if yours is neither, the “VV” prefix would signify British-built models.

      Heh, I’d recommend re-dating *all* of your Remingtons. The previous list was nowhere near as detailed and accurate as this one. (:

      1. Afaik the model S and T are the British names for the streamlined 5; “S” being the self-starter and “T” the tabulator version aka 5T-SS.
        I’ve got the 800963 – from 5T-SS that’s May ’36. The S&T entry agrees on 1936, as it is lower than 858040.
        The warranty was printed after March ’37 – not unlikely for a ’36 machine shipped in parts to Britain for assembly there. (Serials must have been stamped on the part before assembly. I think. In the US already perhaps?)
        Suspect Remington (also) took the Brits from regular US runs and serials for the 5T-SS.
        (So much data there – geeking out here a bit… :-)

  8. I have a Remington model 5, serial number B90950. I cannot find it on any registry. Please help!

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