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  1. sorry to hear. this should definitely not happen. i hope you get your money back, and then we think about next year, or sooner. the tw-db is not a must, but would be a great service for all the now lost links. i will inform the german speaking community of the database, so they get used to it. i have done so already, but say it twice will do no harm.

    1. well, thinking about 2016 anyway. It’s not super-important, but it’s frustrating to have the thing in your hands and have it yanked away like that. :P

  2. Damn!

    I bought a wordpress template from an overseas company once and wanted a refund as per their policies if I wasn’t satisfied. With no response from them after several attempts, I filed a dispute with my bank whose credit card I used. I got my money back, but the bank had to do it.

    You may have to dispute it with your credit card company.

    It would seem that buying a domain name that isn’t currently in use would be easy. It would make sense that DomCollect should want to sell it, but at what price?


  3. Utter fraud!! I sure hope you get your money back.

  4. Very sad to hear this. No need for an apology on your part for a Deutsche Schister.

  5. That’s beyond bummer. That’s at least carries the suspicion more than sharp business.
    Hopefully they will rectify an unfortunate honest mistake and refund rapidly.
    Alternative hopefully the bank/cc can get the money back.

    (means that tw-db.com probably is sunk as a destination)
    (2nd thought is that whilst data is not copyrightable, the tables as compiled by you on the current db probably are not without protection – in case the new (who?) tw-db scapes stuff…)

  6. You don’t have to apologize for anything, since none of it is your fault. Sucks big time though, especcially for the efforts you put in it and now have to put in it again to get your money back.

  7. Have you checked Hover.com for some variation of the URL?

    1. well, the point is to get the old domain name to re-validate many, many links to the old typewriter database that exists already on web pages all over the internet. Wouldn’t do much good to get a name variation. (:

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