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  1. While searching to remind myself what a JP-3 was, I got directed to the typewriter database where I saw your handiwork on the Brother serial number page, fantastic!

  2. Well that’s a fortuitous find! Score!

  3. Congratulations on the nice find!
    Looks almost like my Accord 10. I wonder how it compares.

  4. Congratulations! Nice looking typewriter, and definitely not one you see every day.

  5. Dear Reverend,
    I love my Sears Manual 2/Brother JP5. I recently paid too much for a parts machine only because it came with a factory owners manual and original ribbon spools. The letter keys were in better shape than mine and it had some feet washers, too.
    Anyway, the owners manual is not available online, anywhere, so I thought I’d share something with you that I learned:

    Depressing the margin release key while returning the carriage automatically indents the paragraph. What a neat feature. I love Brother.

  6. Just picked up a Sears manual 1 today at the Goodwill. I’ve been looking at it for about three weeks, and finally added it to my Sears forecast 12. Really enjoying this JP – 5 built in 75, but I was wondering if anyone has a PDF of the manual for a JP –5. I would really like to know what all of this little machine can do. Thanks tons in advance.

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